State of HD radio

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State of HD radio

Post by akhibhrat58 » Mon Dec 21, 2020 3:53 am

A recent survey for station operators/managers I received from ibiquity got me thinking about this subject.

It seems to me that ibiquity is concerned about the underutilization of their more "fluffy" features; station logos, artist integration, buy now links, scrolling data, etc...

I'm chief engineer for a leading station in a midsize/large market who currently broadcasts HD. We do not multicast, but I'm looking into it.

What I wonder is if the industry only adopted the ibiquity technology because it was sold as the future of radio, or if they really like it. Myself, and for my station, cannot justify it. Our market shows about 4% of listeners using HD capable radios. Now, we got our initial license free through a federal program in 2004, but no way in hell would I pay $10k today to become an HD station. Not to mention the equipment costs...

Even now, I'm faced with fronting a $15k bill to implement HD2. That's before considering programming efforts, only equipment costs. I'm not convinced that the tiny HD listenership is worth the expense and effort.

So what's the state of ibiquity HD radio in your market? Is it worth it?

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