Questions on anonymous/pseudonym podcasting

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Questions on anonymous/pseudonym podcasting

Post by michoglen63 » Mon Dec 28, 2020 9:33 am

My situation is a bit different.I would like to create a podcast which is mostly anonymous. All my login details/payment for hosting etc would be my usual personal details, however i would like to remain anonymous during the podcast and wherever it is advertised. The guests would be introduced as normal. But I would introduce myself as the host and not say my name.

The format is I interview people. The guests would not need to be anonymous. Most of them will already have a low level public profile (not famous though). The content is not controversial, religious, political or rude in any way. But i don't want to risk potential negative impacts on future job opportunities so i would rather err on the side of caution.

The only problem is this means I would have to ask the podcast guest to not to refer to me by name during and after the podcast.Its possible that i could edit out my name post production, if it is accidentally said during the podcast. Additionally I would have to ask the guest to not refer to me by name when they share the podcast with their audience.

Alternatively I could have a pseudonym that i ask the guest to refer to me by.I understand an important part of making this work will be choosing trustworthy guests (which i already have done).

Do you think this is workable?

What are your thoughts?

Has anyone done anonymous/pseudonym podcasting with non anonymous guests? How did it work?

I already have a youtube channel and blog (both of which are run anonymously = no name and no face).I'm really passionate about creating this podcast and already have a few guests lined up and one is definitely keen.It just seems like it could be too much to manage.

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Re: Questions on anonymous/pseudonym podcasting

Post by nice_shot_man » Tue Dec 29, 2020 11:00 am

Sure.. Just call it the "Dick Nasty Podcast" and go by the name Dick Nasty.. Or something else.. :mrgreen:

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